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Worksheets( 1) is the first ( leftmost) worksheet in the workbook, and Worksheets( Worksheets. Count) is the last one. The intelligence of code should not come from the intelligence of the lowest level simplest parts of the code, but the outmost level of business logic code, which itself needs to take care of requirements and controls a hierarchy of increasingly simpler classes and objects to do the overall task. To handle a specific event for that object, add the relevant handler by using the Class list and the Method list of the Visual Studio. NET environment while you are in Code view. With the AddHandler keyword, Visual Basic. NET provides a second way to handle events. Public Sub UseCodeName2( ) ' Using the code name of the worksheet Debug. Range( " A1" ) = 45 CodeName. Visible = True End Sub This makes the code easy to read and safe from the user changing the sheet name. I am looking for the code to select the visible data after applying a data filter. Actually I know how to select the data after applying the data filter but the issue is I am not able to exclude the header row and give the target range as used ( non- blank) rows only!

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    Worksheet visible code

    Sub TestSub( ) Dim Sheets( 4) As Worksheet Dim x As Worksheet Dim i As Integer For Each x In ThisWorkbook. Sheets Set Sheets( i) = x i = i + 1 Next ToggleAllSheets Sheets( ), xlSheetVisible End Sub Public Sub ToggleAllSheets( ByRef XlSheets( ) As Worksheet, xlVis As XlSheetVisibility) Dim xlSheet As Variant For Each xlSheet In XlSheets If xlSheet. Dim wsSheet As Worksheet If C_ Int. Visible = xlSheetVisible = True Then For Each wsSheet In ThisWorkbook. Worksheets wsSheet. Visible = xlSheetVisible Next C_ Int. Visible = xlSheetVeryHidden ElseIf C_ Int. Visible = xlSheetVisible = False Then For Each wsSheet In ThisWorkbook. Visible = xlSheetVeryHidden Next C_ Int. Error- 1004 Unable to set the visible property of the worksheet class.

    to have at least 1 sheet that will ALWAYS be visible, exclude it from the hiding process. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. When a worksheet has a visible property value of true, it is visible and can be seen and selected by the user. When a worksheet has a visible property of false, it is hidden, and can no longer be seen from within the standard Excel user interface. Set a Worksheet Code Name. Each sheet in an Excel workbook has a visible name, and a hidden code name. Here' s how you can see those names, and change them. When you use Visual Basic code, you can use the xlVeryHidden property to hide a sheet and keep the Unhide dialog box from listing it. When you do this, the only way to make the sheet visible again is to create another Visual Basic macro. Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Word Help > Forum > Help Section > Excel Help > Unable to set the visible property of the worksheet class If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Make multiple worksheets very hidden with VBA code.

    In case you want to set all selected sheets to be very hidden, go through all of the selected sheets in an active workbook ( ActiveWindow) one by one and change their Visible property to xlSheetVeryHidden. My worksheet is saved as an older version of Excel *. When I open my worksheet and go to File Info Under Permissions it states " The structure of the worksheet has been locked to prevent unwanted changes, such as moving, deleting, or adding sheets. Unable To Set The Visible Property Of The Worksheet Class Jan 6,. I' ve been using the following code successfully for years. Today I would get the error 1004. Back to Content Code Snippet A macro is a piece of computer code, that is written from excel, using visual basic application programming language. Re: method visible of object _ worksheet failed Try activating the worksheet on the line before making it visible. Sheet ( document) modules have a property called CodeNam e, which is how the object is know internally to VBA. Indeed, if this feature is used by the developer, VBA code can always refer to a sheet ( worksheet or chart), even if the sheet is renamed from Excel by a user. I keep getting the above error, but can' t determine the cause. Here is the code. Private Sub worksheet_ change( ByVal Target As Excel. Range) Select Case Worksheets( General ).

    Hi, I have developed a VBA application in Excel. I want the form to be visible and not display the Excel at all. The form should work like and EXE and user should not be aware that it is excel application. Welcome to PC Review! Hello and welcome to PC Review. We' re a friendly computing community, bustling with knowledgeable members to help solve your tech questions. The casue of problem: You have one hidden sheet ( Name is Table) in file. Although it is hidden in User Interface it is visible in VB Editor- > Project Explorer ( In Left Topof editor winodw). The following Excel VBA code can help you to list all files in folder and sub- folders into a worksheet. VBA Code How to Use This Macro To use this macro, you can copy and paste it into a standard module: Activate the Visual Basic Editor by pressing ALT+ F11. The sheets that are visible, change because a macro runs, if we make a change in this cell and to see that code, I' m going to right click on the menu tab, view code, and here is the worksheet change event. Worksheets( " Menu" ).

    visible = xlSheetVisible Can anyone tell me why the codename would cause the mismatch error? * * As a side question, does anyone have a link that would explain the difference between using sheet names and code names, and which functions work better with each? If you want to know all the Type numbers of all controls on your worksheet you can run this macro to add a new worksheet with the names and Type numbers of all objects on your worksheet. You can find the number then that you must use in the code to delete the objects you want. Join DateLocation Pasadena, California MS- Off Ver Excel, Posts 11, 577. There is a lot of talk on the internet about ensuring that the table is put into xl manual sort in the vba, but I have tried many versions of the code, including adding the line. I am having a problem with my code below. I want to keep a veryhidden sheet hidden unless a password ( in this case " password" ) is entered in the Userform on the mainpage. Worksheets in VBA Coding and in Worksheet Formulas ( this page - - sheets. htm) Create a new sheet named with the text value of a cell with a changed value in Column F ( col 6).