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OK, so that result could be expected from a WCF point of view. A ProtocolException is received by the consumer ( BizTalk in our case), and the inner exception is a WebException that specifies the Status Code received ( 400). By default, WebInvokeAttribute maps POST calls to the operation. You can, however, specify the HTTP method ( for example, HEAD, PUT, or DELETE) to map to the operation by specifying a " method= " parameter. Hi davidlerma87, davidlerma87 Any help? According to your description, I create a simple by using HttpClient method to consume WCF rest service, it works. Download source - 9. 29 KB; Introduction. Windows Communication Foundation ( WCF) is an SDK for developing and deploying services on Windows. WCF provides a runtime environment for your services, enabling you to expose CLR types as services, and to consume other services as CLR types. Presently creating RESTful WCF Service API Using POST method in 3. while running getting " The remote server returned an error: ( 400) Bad Request.

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    Below given my code. WCF rest service to get post JSON data and retrieve JSON data with DataContract In this article I will talk about creating WCF RESTful services for CRUD operations which uses JSON and DataContracts. In this Post, we' ll see how can we easily write a code for consuming WCF Rest services. There could be many other scenarios where we need to write a test Client application to test WCF Rest services. In this post, we will consume two type of HTTP methods GET and POST. Bad request 400 means that the request had bad syntax or was inherently impossible to be satisfied, see the above code, you could use get method instead of post, if you want to use post method, you don' t need to add parameters value to the end of UriTemplate, something as follows:. RESTful services are those which follow the REST ( Representational State Transfer) architectural style. Before implementing your first RESTful service, lets first understand the concept behind it. As we know that WCF allows us to make calls and exchange messages using SOAP over a variety of protocols i. HTTP, TCP, Named Pipes and MSMQ etc. How to troubleshoot HTTP 400 errors. Following are links to useful articles for troubleshooting some known HTTP 400. Hi, Bad request 400 illustrates that the request had bad syntax or was inherently impossible to be satisfied. But see the above code, based on my understanding, the string of variable xmlData value passed to the WCF REST service has problem, you can change the return type of operationcontract ReportAvailableVehicles to List< AvailableVehicle> and then use Fiddler to see the result return from.

    Ironically I set this, continued. spent couple of days trying to figure it out. Then I realised, after seeing this that maybe I hadnt set it big enough, so it overflows in certain situations still. Within that web site is a WCF service. At the root of the web site is a clientaccesspolicy. xml, and a crossdomain. The WCF class ( SolusGrpWcf ) inherits from ServiceHost, and instances of the clase are created by a ServiceHostFactory. But to make this WCF service REST compatible we need to make some changes in the configuration, service behaviors and contracts. Let us see what WCF service we will be creating and then we will see how we can make useful over the REST protocol. However, the server side Web/ WCF service only need “ Anonymous” authentication and it responds 400 instead of 401 because of the “ content- length= 0”. Analysis If you capture a Network trace with Network Monitor, you will get the below packets. when u r accessing the WCF service which is running on port. , make sure first ur run the wcf service using the browser. and then try accessing it using ur client application.

    Https status code 400 usually means there is something wrong with the request from the client. Are you able to attach the Visual Studio debugger to your web application? When you do, does the debugger catch any exception? 400 Bad Request errors appear differently on different websites, so you may see something from the short list below instead of just " 400" or another simple variant like that:. its working fine with out base address too. but now i need to run this rest service over https. its showing some binding errors. I see there are many answers to the same question but I am unable to resolve mine, can any one of you please go through my code and resolve my issue please. The preceding code returns an HTTP response with the forbidden status code and a body that contains an instance of the MyErrorDetails object. The format of the MyErrorDetails object is determined by:. A Http 400 code could be caused by handful of reasons. Enable the WCF tracing would help a lot with the troubleshooting.

    Here is a link from MSDN on how to enable it. I have a WCF REST POST web service. Whenever I am calling the service in fiddler, getting HTTP/ 1. 1 400 Bad Request. I have used Visual Studio' s REST template 40( cs) to create this service. REST APIs use the Status- Line part of an HTTP response message to inform clients of their request’ s overarching result. A great amount of applications are using Restful APIs that are based on the HTTP protocol for connecting their clients. In all the calls, the server and the endpoint at the. I' ve developed and Deployed Rest Enabled WCF Services on the IIS but when I call those Services from the browser or My Asp. Net Mvc Consumer I get a 400 Bad Request Error. 0 WCF REST JSON - HTTP GET CODE 400 Bad Request. For REST WCF You have to do binding and endpoint setting in web.

    Post Your Answer Discard. For an ordering process in my REST service I have to send a list of " articles" from client to server. These article objects are of a self- made entity type. I already found out that sending a list of. From the code in the first post, the issue may caused by the length of the request url, so please try add below markup in web config. < httpRuntime maxUrlLength = " 500" / > Best Regards. EDIT: One little thing to note with WCF: unlike auto generated ole' ASMX web service it does not allow you to browse to the base address with a standard browser. You can browse to the Metadata address ( the mex one), but not to the root. Hello, In my wcf restful service, I m trying to make it available on https and having client to send me the username and password to call my service. Hence, the WCF REST Starter Kit comes with some valuable project templates that provide the necessary boiler plate code for certain types of services, which should greatly reduce the code you have to write. So if you are writing any REST service and your information is long enough, better to choose POST instead of GET method. In this article, I am going to create WCF Restful service using POST method and access it using HTTP Request.

    I have attached debugger in my service. In case of small data. debugger point is working fine and I can debug the code. In case of bulk data, debugger point not coming to the method but throws the exception prior to this in the following line. This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License ( CPOL)