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The Code Page field allows you to select from a list of supported code pages for translation. The supported code pages include:. You also use the UIOCB to establish conversation attributes, for example, the maximum sync level that you will need ( LU6. After the conversation has begun, you use the UIOCB to obtain information about the conversation. In terms of the LU 6. 2 architectural standard, Horizon implements LU 6. 2 " mapped conversation" support, using the " base subset" of LU 6. In addition, some optional verb sets are implemented: explicit flush, PIP data, attribute query, and security. Connectivity was lost between the LU6. 2 Resync service and the Host Integration Server computer.

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    Connectivity was lost between the Host Integration Server computer and the host computer. A failure in the host application. For the last 8 months there as been major network call and data problems in dunstable LU6 2 area, I have been told this is due to over load on the network if this is the case how long does it take to had more sites. Hello Jeff, thanks for the detailed reply, it is helpful of course and your timing couldn' t be any better. Nowadays we are testing the project in a pilot area. 2 User Callback Services. This chapter introduces the LU6. 2 User Callback Services ( UCB) and contains detailed descriptions of all LU6. 2 User Callback APPC messages alphabetized by message type. Each description lists the message type code name, the operating environment in which the message is available for use, and a detailed explanation of how to define the message area and supply. LL indicates whether a generalized data stream ( GDS) header is to be removed from an LU6. 2 data record before it is received by a conversation.

    For a mapped conversation, LL specifies that one LU6. 2 data record is received with the GDS header removed. The Bulletin Board and the LU6. 2 methods are being phased out. EDR file histories are also available via the CJIS site. A record of the transmission and return file is available when the files are submitted via the CJIS site. Code Message ORA- 00000 normal, successful completion ORA- 00001 unique constraint ( string. string) violated ORA- 00017 session requested to set trace event. 2 verb sequence was used to deliver the SNA PS header. A DEALLOCATE TYPE( ABEND_ SVC) was received from the coordinator, indicating that the coordinator detected a protocol violation in the PS headers transmitted by DB2. A system and method for operating a Telnet client to establish a network connection with a Telnet server. Environment parameters are negotiated for establishing a connection- oriented connection of the client to the server, the parameters including a explicit or implicit request for the server to provide a confirmation record.

    Ol' newbie here again. I' m getting this message cannot find symbol for all of the files that I' ve defined. I' ve copied in below the source code that' s relevant to my problem: / *. On DOS, Windows and OS/ 2, the CCI modules are provided as. dll files so that you can call CCI dynamically from your program. They are also provided in. lib files so that you can statically link the CCI modules with your. This return code is valid on Microsoft Windows or OS/ 2. System Action: The system returns to the calling procedure. User Response: Verify that the drive designation is an alphabetic character. 93: Need Help Connecting To An Ibm Mainframe Using Appc/ Lu6.

    2 dm Hi all I need help connecting to a remote mainframe server, we have an IPsec Site- to- Site VPN with the local network where the mainframe resides. We have several Open Client/ Server applications that route messages to/ from our server and a mainframe with lu6. Several times a day 72 errors are issued and the apps have to be restarted. Chapter 14 Implementation Details of the Sample Application. 2 programming interface enables Compaq OpenVMS users to connect to remote third- party computers, providing the connectivity that enables both the other vendor' s computer and Compaq computers to transparently exchange data and share resources. Hello all, I' ve just compiled my first java application and now I' m ready to test it. However I' m just a little confused as how to go about this. From what I' ve gathered thus far, I' m supposed to " execute" the source code which actually uses the class files generated by the compiler. If this work is received in any electronic medium, authorized users of this work are permitted the limited right to make reproductions and transmissions necessary for downloading and storage of this work on the users' computers. The use of this specification is for the definition of data formats and does not express the intent of NEC to support LU6. received a transaction it. The RPL extension contains two fields in which return code information is passed to the application program at the completion of an LU6. 2 APPCCMD macroinstruction execution. The RCPRI field returns a primary return code to the application; the RCSEC field returns a secondary return code to the application. ORA- 02813: Unable to make temporary file name in order to get key.

    C6202E dump occurs in CHDD when FMH7 with conditional end bracket ( CEB) is received after TPF has rejected remote LU6. 2 bid request with 0814 sense code. If the completion code value is of the form 00xxx000, xxx is an z/ OS system completion code and you should refer to the z/ OS system codes manual for your level of z/ OS to interpret the return code/ reason code pair and take appropriate corrective action. Test for Request- to- Send Received ( 245) Vote Read- Only Response to a Sync Point Operation ( 249) Extract Transaction and Conversation Identification Information ( 251). Cause: The Exchange Log Names ( XLN) GDS variable received from the partner LU' s RRM contains an LU6. 2 log name that is different from that known by the local LU' s RRM. Action: This can happen if the partner LU was cold started and later warm started, all between the times the local LU' s RRM was last shut down and warm started. Individual User Number - This 2- digit field is provided by MDH in the Type ' 02' logon response block. It must It must be inserted in the prefix of every transmission block sent to MDH to uniquely identify the transmission. The communications protocol ( for example, TCP/ IP or LU6. 2), including vendor and release. The stored procedure ( preferably with line numbers) or SQL statements being used in server access. The database server release level. Systems Network Architecture ( SNA) is IBM' s proprietary networking architecture, created in 1974.

    It is a complete protocol stack for interconnecting computers and their resources. SNA describes formats and protocols and is, in itself, not a piece of software. If you are updating from level 6. x, you must download the 6. 0 files in addition to the latest levels and put them all in the same directory. The update process should automatically detect and install them before applying the latest level. Cause: The SQL* Net LU6. 2 driver was unable to attach to the LU specified in the connect string, or was unable to attach to the default LU. Action: Check that the LU name specified in the connect string, or the default LU name if no LU was specified, is correctly configured and operational. Error[ 18] : No license code is available for feature UNKNOWN or host Unknown” in Studio Enterprise Edition 6.